About us

Dowell Packaging Products Co., Ltd is a leading global manufacturer and exporter located in Xiamen China. We have a comprehensive range of very high bonding tapes, from packaging to construction tapes and everything in between.

At Dowell, our approach is based on a deep understanding of our core markets. This understanding enables us to predict the upcoming trends. We work with our leading partners to develop specialized adhesive tapes for OEM’s, distributors and consumers.

Dowell has a true global footprint, with its targets in North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our worldwide service of double sided foam tapes and supply chain abilities put us in a great position to partner with our global customers.



To meet our customer’s evolving requirements, our marketing and technical teams are continuously evaluating their needs. We have a rich diversity of our work culture. All of our team members strictly adhere ‘Code of Conduct’ decided for all that indicates the professional and personal behavior. This results in the following output:

  • Trained & Proficient

By complying strict quality standards, our highly trained professionals ensure the standardized quality services to the clients. They assist you in finding the right solution for your product depending on your needs, while our customer care teams ensure your satisfaction.

  • Quality Assurance in Service

Our team ensures that you are satisfied with your purchase of our very high bonding tapes. We make sure that each penny you spend is of worth.



  • We provide the tapes with the most innovative bonding. It gives the fixing solution to engineers, designers, and manufacturers in every conceivable industry.
  • Our keen pricing gives our clients a competitive edge. Our price competitiveness is surely a key reason why we have gained recognition as one of the leading tape suppliers in the industry.
  • We have enough experience to solve all your tapes related problems.
  • We have SGS certificates to show that our company strictly follows internationally recognized quality management principles. It enables us to demonstrate higher levels of service quality and motivates us to improve our performance.
  • You can ask our team for free samples of our tapes.
  • Our mode of payment is very flexible. You can choose the method that is convenient to you.

What we offer

Quality Service

At Dowell Packaging Products Co., Ltd, we believe in providing efficient, reliable and high performing products. We aim to meet our customer’s requirements swiftly

Effective Communication

Dowell Packaging Products Co., Ltd treats all their customers seriously and as such, we treasure the communication between us. We can be reached via all the different communication channels, telephone calls, fax, and email. Do feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions regarding your tape requirements.

Small Order Accepted

We know that using the appropriate adhesive tapes can spell the difference between the success and failure of your application. So, we don’t mind taking small orders. We accept all kinds of orders.

Lowest Price

We constantly upgrade our production equipment and we work closely with our suppliers for our raw materials and we will always strive to provide you with the lowest prices for your tapes.

Wide Selection of Adhesive Tapes

Our huge selection of top-notch adhesive tapes enables us to provide the solutions for various applications and requirements. Our collection of general purpose adhesive tapes includes washi tapes, masking tapes, furniture painting masking tapes, and the list goes on. For electrical requirements, we offer a range of protective films and tapes, such as Thermally conductive double-sided tapes, and VHB Tapes. We have the double-sided tapes made of cloth, polyester, foam, and high-bond materials.

Full Responsibility

We take full responsibility of our tapes regarding quality, price, and durability. You can be 100% worry-free while choosing our tapes.

Product Showcase

Work Shop

  • Fiber Glass Tapes
    Electricity Engineer


    Need best fiberglass filament tapes? Book an appointment right now and get introduced to the world of tapes with us!

  • Foam rollers & Yoga mat
    Sport Accessories

    We are committed to offering a wide range of sport and yoga accessories such as yoga mat and foam rollers. Please get in touch with us for an inquiry.

Our Clients

Batum Technology
Kmart Australia
Vintage Works