Product code: DWJLB-8790

Dimension: 50mmx100m or as per your request

OEM: Available

Price: USD2.00-8.00 per roll

MOQ: 500 square meters

Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber and Resin

Backing: PE


DWJLB-8790 70 mesh,backed with polyethylene and cotton yarn as the substrate.It is mainly used for carton sealing; carpet joints and affixing; heavy duty strapping; waterproof packaging.


Cloth (Duct) tape 8790 is the great adhesion and high strength tape which has strong peel strength; tensile strength;oil resistance; ageing resistance; heat resistance; waterproof; anti-corrosion.


It’s recommended to store in clean and dry place. Damaged packaging shall be prevented. Not stored with volatile solvent. The temperature of storage shall be 4 to 26 ℃ and the humidity shall be between 40% and 50%.Rotate inventory recommened.


Physical PropertiesMetricSpec.ValuesTest Method
ReinforcementCotton yarn
AdhesiveSynthetic Rubber and Resin
ColorRed, black, brown, blue,silver, green, white
Total Thicknessmm (mils)0.22 (8.6)ASTM D-3652(GB/T7122)
Peel AdhesionN/25mm (oz/in)24 (86)ASTM D-3330(GB/T7122)
Holding Powerh>10ASTM D-3654(GB/T 4851)
Tensile StrengthN/25mm (lbs/in)135 (30)ASTM D-3759(GB/T7753)
Elongation At Break%10ASTM D-3759(GB/T 7753)
Service Tem.-MiniºC (ºF)-5 (23)BC/BD-220SE(BC/BD-220SE)
Service Tem.-MaxºC (ºF)70 (158)DHG-9055A(DHG-9055A)