Product code: DWJLW-323

Dimension: 50mmx100m or as per your request

OEM: Available

Price: USD2.00-8.00 per roll

MOQ: 500 square meters

Glue: Synthetic Rubber and Resin

Backing material: Glassine Paper


Fiber Glass Filament TapeDWJLW-323 Backed with glassine paper and reinforced with glass fiber. It’s reinforced bi-directional double-sided filament tape; higher adhesion strength; suitable Tor the adhesion to insulation layer of floor; plastic articles; foam; textiles; non-weaving fabrics and PU.


Fiber Glass Filament TapeDWJLW-323 is a yellow and reinforced bi-directional double-sided filament tape. Glass fiber contributes higher tensile strength and improved synthetic rubber delivers stronger adhesion; generating bi-directionally strengthened effect; high resistance to abrasion; impact resistance and high holding power.


It’s recommended to store in clean and dry place. Damaged packaging shall be prevented. Not stored with volatile solvent. The temperature of storage shall be 4 to 26 ℃ and the humidity shall be between 40% and 50%.Rotate inventory recommended.


Heavy Duty Packing

Household Electrical Appliance

Fixing Of Machine Parts

Metallic or Wooden Furniture


Physical PropertiesMetricSpec.ValuesTest Method
AdhesiveSynthetic Rubber and Resin
BackingGlassine Paper
Total Thicknessmm (mils)0.20 (7.9)ASTM D-3652(GB/T7122)
Peel AdhesionN/25mm (oz/in)22 (80)ASTM D-3330(GB/T7122)
Holding Powerh≥36ASTM D-3654(GB/T 4851)
Tensile StrengthN/25mm (lbs/in)250 (57)ASTM D-3759(GB/T7753)
Elongation At Break%3ASTM D-3759(GB/T 7753)
Service Tem.-MiniºC (ºF)-5 (23)BC/BD-220SE(BC/BD-220SE)
Service Tem.-MaxºC (ºF)70 (158)DHG-9055A(DHG-9055A)